Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Downey in Cowboys & Aliens

So an interesting story popped up on The Hollywood Reporter yesterday. Robert Downey Jr is apparently signing on to play the lead in a cool sounding film called Cowboys & Aliens. The film is being described as "a pulpy mix of the sci-fi and Western genres" which sounds good to me. We haven't had a good sci fi western since... Westworld? Wild Wild West maybe...

The story for Cowboys & Aliens is based off a book by Platinum Comics, and you can read the entire first issue online. I have to say its pretty entertaining. According to the official synopsis "The Old West: an era when all a man could depend on was his horse and his six-gun, and settlers and Indians fought it out for territory on the last American frontier. That wild frontier just went out of this world. Invaders from another planet have touched down just outside of Dodge City, with plans for all mankind. Now cowboys and Indians alike must put aside their differences long enough to drive the aliens off the sovereign soil of planet Earth."

The story is light, and fun, and kind of silly, but with good action, and I think it could translate well on screen.I recommend you check out the first issue yourself and see what you think.

The other interesting thing about this news though is that Cowboys & Aliens is scheduled for a 2010 release. Meaning it would be shot at the exact time when Iron Man 2 is 'supposed' to be filming. Rumor has it that Marvel has somewhat picked their heads out of their asses regarding the whole Favreau deal and are in the process of locking everyone into place for IM2, but I have a sneaking suspicion that old shellhead may be pushed back, especially in light of this Cowboys & Aliens news.

Fine by me, I think this one sounds cool too. And no need to rush Marvel, We'll all still be here for another Iron Man film. Just chillax a bit. More on C&A and IM2 as it develops.

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