Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nottingham getting cast

Ridley Scott is at it again. With his new film Nottingham he will look to reinvent the Robin Hood story. The film sees a love triangle between the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham and the man in the green tights. Which is definitely a new take on the material.

So far Russell Crowe has been cast as the Sheriff, a role I have no doubt he will excel at, and Sienna Miller as the lovely object of affections Maid Marion, but the big role of Robin Hood is still up in the air. Rumors are now circling that Ridley Scott is "extremely keen" to cast Christian Bale in the lead.

Of course as I look now, it appears that the Bale rumor is most likely false, and now Latino Review is saying that Russell Crowe at least wants Sam Riley to play Robin Hood. Sam broke recently on the scene in the role of Ian Curtis, the troubled lead singer of awesome and influential progressive band Joy Division in the film Control. This maybe makes sense in terms of casting for a budget, but Bale is definitely the Robin Hood type in my opinion.

I'm interested to see where this film leads whoever ends up in the main role. A new take on Robin Hood could be exactly whats needed. Although, as this article mentions if the SAG strike does in fact materialize pics like Nottingham seem to be directly in the line of fire. Only time will tell how this develops.

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movie fan said...

Russell Crowe's accent already resembles something that would fit in another version Robin Hood... though he'll probably have to drop some of that girth he developed for Body of Lies