Thursday, June 12, 2008

The lucky bastard

I think we all know Leprechauns are tricky.

But, did you know that we might be giving them all the power they need? In marshmallow form??? I just read this story online, that says that Lucky Charms intends to add a new permanent magical marshmallow to its cereal mix. This is apparently the first time a new charm has been added on a permanent basis in 10 years. Although most if not all of the mallows have been altered in more recent history. The new marshmallow will be a magical hourglass and apparently it will give Lucky the ability to stop time!

I know the kids are always after his lucky charms, but serious did you realize that his charms give Lucky superpowers?! And whats more according to the article already "The cereal contains Lucky’s magical charms, each of which bestow upon Lucky their own special powers: hearts (power to bring things to life), shooting stars (power to fly), horseshoes (power to speed things up), clovers (luck, but you never know what kind of luck you’ll get), blue moons (power of invisibility), rainbows (instantaneous travel from place to place) and balloons (power to make things float)."

Are you serious? This little guy is like the entire Avengers and Justice League rolled into one. And lets face it, he simply CANNOT be trusted. Why General Mills would ever allow this is beyond me. How on earth those kids ever manage to get any cereal without being killed is a miracle, and one that probably won't hold out. You think these guys can contain their murderous rampages? Think again.

Bottom line, Leprechauns cannot be trusted. Don't be fooled. And for god sakes please don't give them any more magical power; or marshmallows.

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Anonymous said...

That was your greatest post yet!

And in an interesting note... I think I might actually go and see Leprechaun 2 now!