Thursday, June 05, 2008


Let the remakes continue! Variety reports that the classic 70's film Capricorn One is getting an updated treatment. Kind of a science fiction, but more of a quasi political thriller Capricorn One follows the story of a massive conspiracy perpetrated against the American people by non other than its own government. The first manned mission to Mars is something everyone wants to see, and NASA will do anything to make it happen, even if they have to fake everything. The movie then follows an intrepid reporter (originally played by Elliot Gould) as he starts to unravel this mystery and tries to survive long enough to expose the truth.

I have to say, having never seen the film, it sounds great. Check out this trailer.

As for the remake, it's set to be directed by John Moore, of Behind Enemy Lines, and The Omen remake fame. The film is being written by Peter Buchman, who has recently made quite a splash at Cannes by mystifying everyone with his two part Che Guevara films written for director Steven Soderbergh, and starring Benicio Del Toro. No word on exactly what form the update will take, but I think we can safely say it will be quite the thriller. Now I think I'll try to track down the original.

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