Thursday, June 05, 2008

An Ocean onscreen

Warren Ellis is one of my absolute all time favorite comic book writers. He's behind such classics as Transmetropolitan, The Authority, and Global Frequency. His books are smart and often violent and usually following a mystery. The process of unraveling, of characters learning as we do is something that he loves to explore, and the book in question today, Ocean, is no exception. As noted in The Hollywood Reporter, Ellis' graphic novel Ocean is coming to the big screen, with a screenplay being written by newcomer Ryan Condal.

Here's the story as described from the back of the book. "One hundred years from now, United Nations Weapons Inspector Nathan Kane is dispatched to Cold Harbor, a government research space station orbiting the Jovian Moon Europa. His mission is to analyze and access the origin and danger of what could possibly be the most significant discovery in history. But there is a glitch in the works - also orbiting Europa is a space platform operated by the multi-planetary super-conglomerate, DOORS. Fully automated, down to its staff of chip-in-head indentured servants, DOORS has but one motivation as it tries to wrest control over this remarkable discovery - to win the ancient prize at any cost. Now Kane and the crew of Cold Harbor find themselves in a life or death struggle, one in which human civilization could hang in the balance!"

And what exactly is the "most significant discovery in history"? Well it's a graveyard of sarcophagi burried under the ice. Coffins of a billion year old dead race.... but there's something else, another even crazier secret. I don't want to give anything away, but it's a fantastic little book that I'd definitely recommend anyone pick up. For sure its pretty hard sci fi, but with an excellent horror and political-thriller edge. The story itself is actually pretty accessible.

I am excited that they have decided to bring Ocean to the big screen. It's deinitely a film I think will be great, and the visuals should be stand out, I just hope this kind of 'more serious' science fiction translates into something people want to actually see.

In Stock Trades is selling the book for a mere $9.44 if you're interested.

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