Thursday, June 05, 2008


So now that Transformers 2 has begun filming we are going to start to see little tidbits of info leaking out. Oh I know Michael Bay vowed to disseminate a lot of misinformation this time around, but I think we can rely on this as pretty good authority. Transformers 2 has a subtitle.

Film producer Don Murphy pointed to a blog post on Reserve Result where they announced the title, and then later it was confirmed by Hasbro on their movie blog. Transformers 2 will be subtitled Revenge of the Fallen! Which I think we can all agree is totally awesome.

The movie is filming now in Bethlehem, PA and you can see a few spy reports starting to come in via ComingSoon, where they've got pictures and video. But for my money the absolute best news you're going to get on the film is still to be found only over at Transformers World 2005. They are just great.

Anyhow, Revenge of the Fallen is fantastic, I am just getting more and more excited about this sequel. Next summer is going to be a lot of fun :)


Anonymous said...

at least it's better than "Quantum of Solace."


Anonymous said...

TF2: ROTF...L?

Chappy said...

haha... that joke was begging to be made :)