Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Louis LeTerrier, famed director of The Transporter, and Transporter 2, is just coming down off of opening weekend for his latest film The Incredible Hulk. It did well enough at the box office; nothing earth shattering, but $55.4 million is nothing to sneeze at. And now instead of taking some probably well deserved time off hes decided to strike while the iron is hot and sign on for a new movie called Strays.

While Leterrier is still just in talks to direct (although it sounds like he probably will) he is slated to produce. which is being described by The Hollywood Reporter as about "a group of young consultants on a business trip to Russia mysteriously wake up in an abandoned and radioactive city and fight to survive the deadly obstacles in between them and safety."

Kind of sci fi, kind of Twilight Zone, but thats not much to go on. Ain't It Cool News as a true font of wisdom has offered this as an unconfirmed extension the the plot description. Apparently in the movie " The Russians have been having problems in and around Moscow with hyper-intelligent feral dogs that the police believe are responsible for missing homeless people. These dogs are intelligent enough to catch rides on trolleys and subway trains to go to specific destinations. More would be known about them, but they are aware that they are being studied and they go out of their way to conceal their activities." AICN speculates that these dogs may in fact be the titular Strays.

Sounds kinds cool, maybe a bit more horror sci fi than mystery sci fi, but still cool. We'll see what becomes of this one.

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