Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dragonology on screen

So reportedly the "faux nonfiction" children's book Dragonology is being adapted for the big screen. Maybe more interesting than the book itself is the way in which it is written and presented. Yes I had to think about what a faux nonfiction book was too.

To explain from the wiki page it reprints the publishers note found at the beginning of the first volume in the book series "This book purports to be the facsimile of an original published on a print run of 100 copies in 1895, of which a copy was recently found in a bookshop near the Seven Dials in London. Unfortunately, the publisher has been unable to ascertain whether a real Dr. Ernest Drake ever lived in St. Leonard's forest or wrote a book called Dragonology and so, with regret, is unable to make any claim as to the truth of this and must present this volume merely as an interesting curiosity."

Weird eh? Kinda cool though. The story itself sounds ok, " Hartman's fantasy adventure take revolves around a group of dragonologists who go on a globetrotting quest to keep a corrupt man from taking control of the world's dragons and using them to wipe out humanity."

Hopefully its something that will be done well. They pretty much always seem to screw up dragon films, so I have some reservations, but I'm glad they're trying at least. I think I'll wait at least until I see more, or possibly a trailer before judging this one.

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