Tuesday, January 29, 2008

American Gladiators: the spinoffs

I am really enjoying the new American Gladiators. It's mindless, fun, has a few good legitimate athletic moments, and has some great over-the-top characters. Not to say I'm super invested in it, but I definitely enjoy it, and as far as mindless entertainment / reality / game shows go it is definitely one of the better ones. As for the two recently announced spinoffs in development.... well that just might be a step too far.

Firstly, for all you classic Hulk Hogan Rock N Wrestling fans out there, which I consider myself one, American Gladiators isn't far behind with it's own proposed cartoon series in development. No word on the content of the show but, I suggest that the Gladiators travel the country solving mysteries and fighting crime... ah I can picture the awesomeness now :)

Also, announced just today, American Gladiators 2000 will be returning to your television screens this Fall. What? You say you don't remember AG 2000?!? Why it was only one of the greatest shows on Earth. Hosted by non other than Ryan Seacrest, this teen version of American Gladiators featured pared down events from the big version as well as trivia questions on such enlightening edutainment subjects on health, diet and fitness.

Although I can't say I have too much faith that these new ventures will work long term, I suppose if the writers strike continues we can only expect this kind of stuff. And hey, if they're half as fun as the new American Gladiators, I'll at least check them out.

As a sidenote, from IGN, NBC has launched an American Gladiators classic webpage "which will feature clips of the original series which have all been re-digitalized. Clips will reintroduce original Gladiators and give fans an update on where they are today. Featured segments will also include "best hits," and stunts performed on the vintage show." Very cool. :)

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