Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Trek teaser and viral beginnings

Since I posted last week with that crappy quality Youtube clip of the new Star Trek trailer a few developments have arisen. Firstly , the official Trek website has been updated with the trailer in glorious HD for your viewing pleasure. You can also, as before, register for updates on the film there.

Secondly, and I wonder if maybe more or less importantly, Bad Robot are up to their old Cloverfield tricks again, launching the first of what I assume will be many Trek viral sites. This one, has four viewing panes that, after tuning in, will reveal various views of the construction dock where the Enterprise is being built. Check it out if you get a chance and keep an eye out, Camera 2 is currently offline.

Oh, let the games begin :) I'll leave you with a much better quality version of the teaser trailer off of Youtube. adios muchachos.


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