Thursday, January 17, 2008

Enterprise under construction

With the release of Cloverfield nationwide tomorrow, JJ has dropped a great little tidbit of Star Trek on us plebes. Check out this picture of the Enterprise being built. Click to enlarge. Sure thats nice, but shouldn't that be in space? I'll have to wiki that at some point and figure out...

Also hitting the interweb today, the official Star Trek movie site has gone live. Not too much to look at for the moment, but at least there's a nice little logo graphic. Enjoy it people, Christmas Day is a mere 11 and a half months away.

Although advance reviews for Cloverfield are surfacing online, I have yet to see a good description or better yet a bootleg of the Star Trek trailer that is supposedly attached to it. Hopefully tomorrow.

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popa said...

There are actually two errors in this picture.

(1) The Enterprise was constructed in space in the original TV and movie series. That's a pretty serious error since it violates a fundamental technical premise of Star Trek which is based on real physics.

(2) The clip shows construction on the Enterprise being done the way WWII battleships were constructed using arc welding. Future welding will almost certainly use laser-plasma welding.