Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wild Things at sunset

So admittedly I can't remember where exactly I found this picture. I know I was reading a quick article about the upcoming Where the Wild Things Are film, and I saw it. Probably the article was something about Karen O, of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs working on the soundtrack for Spike Jonze. It's a nice picture that makes me feel like this film will have a sweet tone to it.

Despite recent announcements that Lauren Ambrose will be doing voice work for the film, Where the Wild Things Are has unfortunately been pushed from October back into a 2009 release. But I think we'd all would rather that Jonze and crew take the time needed to make an awesome film than rush into anything with a property beloved by so many. So I for one encourage the extra time.

More as it develops. Until then, I stumbled across this nice looking fan site on the film. Check it out for regular updates, or stick with me for the big news as it comes in.

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