Wednesday, January 23, 2008

my Iron Man concern

Ok, so click on this new image (care of SHH) from Iron Man to get a bigger view then come back here.

Is it just me or is something just slightly off? I mean don't get me wrong, I love the character. I'm loving what I'm seeing from the film. And ultimately I think its great that Marvel keeps releasing these Iron Man teaser pictures (here and here), but when you really look up close, yes it looks damn cool; but I can still tell that its CG. And if I have one apprehension about Iron Man it's that there will be a great scene with a physical suit followed by a scene with a CG suit and everyone will be able to tell. That's my worry.

I know that if it happens I wont hold it against Favs or Marvel. I know everyone is doing what they can, and I'm sure a boat load of cash is going into Post to make sure that very thing does not happen, but I just sincerely hope the movie making technology is really there for this movie to kick all sorts of ass.

I'm probably just being paranoid anyhow, take a look back at something like T2. I was totally able to suspend my disbelief back then; this should be no different, regardless of the final product. That said, fingers crossed for a great final product.

Iron Man opens on May 2nd.

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