Friday, January 25, 2008

New deals with the WGA

Two great new deals were announced today between studios and the WGA. Both classified as interim deals I've no doubt these will be supplanted once the major studios and consequently the AMPTP gives up their stubborn ways and accepts the WGAs terms. I'm still very excited about these deals, because it means not only that some writers will be able to get back to work, but that these studios will be able to move forward on their films; and these are probably my two favorite studios. The first deal was struck with Lionsgate, creators of such esteemed new films as Rambo, Punisher: War Zone, and The Spirit. And the second with Marvel Studios, makers of all things comic and great. Their projects that have been currently stalled by the strike include Thor, Captain America, Ant Man, and more. So from my perspective, this is really just great news all around.

Here's hoping this will help the AMPTP realize that they need to shape up. Either that, or face a time in the very near future when their colleagues at studios who have made deals are raking in the money from an entertainment starved public and they are still sitting on their stubborn hands.

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