Monday, January 14, 2008

Bale hunts Dillinger

Having just finished watching Rescue Dawn this very morning on my way into work I have to say I am really really impressed with the versatility that Christian Bale has shown in his career. His choices are consistently interesting. And I really get the sense that he chooses roles that he thinks will challenge him. That is very refreshing to see in an actor. And so the news that he is teaming up with another highly respected actor, Johnny Depp, is very good news indeed.

Christian Bale has joined onto the cast of Michael Mann's, John Dillinger biopic Public Enemies. Bale will play FBI agent Melvin Purvis who famously hunted down Dillinger (to be played by Depp) along with other famous criminals of the day.

Sounds like this could be another really cool Mann film in the works.


Laura said...

michael mann is a uw-madison alum... and word on the street is they will be filming part of public enemies in WI. holler.

Laura said...
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