Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Knight Rider Teaser

While there legitimately wasn't a ton of news in the entertainment world over the past week and a half that I was incommunicado there are a few things that deserve mentioning. And in case you missed it then, right here and now at the AIASL blog might just be the best place to see them. So in the interest of completeness... did you see the teaser trailer for NBCs new Knight Rider? It's short but pretty sweet. And despite all the press the new show has gotten, this is really the first time I get the feeling that this thing might actually work. Check it out.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

In the interests of completeness... .and you give us one little video for Knight Rider? That's the entire week done and caught up? Sheesh.

Your biggest Fan of 2007 but still waiting to see how 2008 turns out before committing to said moniker.


Chappy said...

did you want me to put everything in a single post?!


I'm off to see Juno with E. TTYL

Anonymous said...

well... it was misleading... didn't end up going to see Juno myself. At home relaxing.