Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Fringe of tv

I'm not sure why I didn't mention this newly developing show before, but if the men behind it are any indication Fringe should be a really solid new show. Created by J.J. Abrams, with Roberto Orcci and Alex Kurtzman, the show, which has been described as a bit like a cross between the X-Files, Altered States, and The Twilight Zone is just in the casting and pilot stage now.

The show, according to Wikipedia, follows "a research scientist named Walter Bishop (who Orci describes as "Frankenstein mixed with Albert Einstein"), his son, and a female FBI agent who brings them back together." It will have an over-arching mythology, and the $10 000 2 hour pilot being produced, begins with Walter in a mental hospital. The Fringe division, is the arm of the FBI that investigates paranormal activities, and presumably they recruit Walter Bishop to their cause.

Ok, well that really does sound a lot like X-Files... I know this is Abrams so I'm going to try to be positive about it, but haven't we seen this kind of show many times before? Anyhow, I really just wanted to get up to speed on this show. Recently they've cast John Noble, Lance Reddik, and Anna Torv in the lead roles. And who are they you ask? exactly.

Abrams will I'm sure deliver something decent though. Despite my misgivings about a premise that seems unoriginal, I know I just need to see more to get totally convinced. And really, even if Fringe is X-Files redux, I'm sure it could be interesting. I'll keep my eyes open for more on this show as it develops.

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