Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Tyler Perry in Star Trek

A few days ago UGO posted a pretty out there, yet apparently now confirmed, rumor that we'd be seeing another familiar face in the upcoming Star Trek film. Only you might not recognize him without a dress and make up. The one and only Tyler Perry is reportedly going to be playing the head of Starfleet Academy! As the rest of the story contains minor plot spoilers I'll tell you to stop reading now if you're concerned about that. Probably not if you're already here, but I thought I should mention it anyhow. :)

Anyhow, Perry will be playing a human and reportedly he has already filmed a major scene with Kirk and Spock where he is chewing out the young Kirk for cheating at a test during his academy days... what does that mean exactly? Well for the casual Star Trek enthusiast like me not too much. I guess I haven't watched Wrath of Kahn recently enough. But others like UGO and now AICN are reporting that this means we should be seeing the 'infamous' episode of Kirks academy days where he cheats his way through the Kobayashi Maru test. Apparently this test is designed to be unwinnable, and is ultimately a glimpse at character of cadets before they leave the academy. According to Trek schoolyard lore Kirk is the only man to ever have beaten the test. And if AICN is correct he manages to do that by doing some of what Kirk does best, charming the ladies. Yup thats right, apparently Kirk actually beats the Kobayashi Maru by convincing the girl he's sleeping with to alter the simulator so that he can win. Seriously, what a guy that Kirk...

So that's all for now, Can't wait to see the new Trek trailer with Cloverfield in two weeks, this film is quickly approaching and I am definitely looking forward to it. Only one year to go people. Star Trek will be released on Christmas Day '08.

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