Monday, January 07, 2008

More Joe casting

One new star confirmed, and another on the way. According to Variety none other than Marlon Wayans, the last and so far third (?) most successful Wayans brother to make his way in the world has been cast as Ripcord in the G.I. Joe movie. While Ripcord was decidedly not black in the comics and and action figures I guess changing that up isn't a big deal. What I wonder is why they didn't just have Wayans play Stalker. Now Stalker is definitely black, and he kicks ass. Odd, but whatever. Variety claims Ripcord is the "leader of the military unit"... ummm what the heck does that mean?! Is Ripcord in charge then? What about Duke? Obviously there are some facts that need to be clarified. Because seriously, Ripcord by his very name alone is a parachuter, and yes I understand that Airborne guys kick all sorts of ass. But is that really the guy who you put in charge of your elite special agent team of multi-backgrounded soldiers? I don't think so...

The other name that's come up as "in negotiations" for an unnamed role, is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who has really bulked up lately. He is a really likable guy that I definitely hope gets a part. He's just someone I'd like to see succeed in this world and he definitely looks like he could be a soldier.

So pretty good news all around for the Joe team I'd say. More casting means the closer we are to seeing this thing get going. Oh, and one final tidbit from that short Variety article that I hadn't realized before. Apparently the G.I. Joe movie will take place 10 years in the future. which seems to fit pretty well if you ask me.

Looking forward to more as it comes.

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