Friday, January 25, 2008

You want a Quantum of what?!?

Umm, you know I'm not too sure what to say; I don't normally talk about the Bond films here. And not because I don't enjoy them, but more because I just get too tired trying to keep up with it all, and some things simply have to fall by the wayside. Sure I'll go see it, and probably enjoy it but I'm not invested enough to stay ontop of every little bit of news as it comes out.

That said, some news items just cannot be ignored. Yesterday it was announced that the title of the new Bond film, that's 22 for those of you that are counting, will be 007: Quantum of Solace.... umm what?! Whatever happened to the good old days when we had titles like "Die Another Golden Yesteryear"... And "You Only Kill Forever". Quantum of Solace??? seriously? Does that even mean anything?

Ok, technically I suppose it means a very small amount of aloneness and I guess that could be what Bond is searching for or something, but the title still sounds super goofy.

The film is set to begin literally 1 hour after Casino Royale ended and will pick up the story with Bond trying to get to the bottom of Vesper's betrayal and death. After finding out that the same terrorists have other agents in the employ of Mi6, Her Majesty's Government and the CIA, Bond travels to Haiti and then Latin America to stop a greedy businessman's plot to financially endorse a coup in .. Bolivia (I believe) ... Or something like that. I'm sure it'll all be tied together and make sense when we see it. Or more likely, as I found with Casino Royale, the plot will be incredibly convoluted that we can just tune out and enjoy the action. Either way, I'm sure it'll be fun; Bond is always fun.

Although the release date has already been pushed back a bit, Quantum of Solace is scheduled to be released in N, America on November 7th, '08.

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Anonymous said...

um ... what dictionary did you use to define "solace?" as to quantum... it can go both ways...

but really I agree... the title is totally different than any other title in the 22? 23? 21? other Bond films to date. Strange. Also, I'm not 100% sure i'm into the idea of serial Bond films. It is too convoluted of a story... and if they try for a three movie arc.. well damned be to them!