Thursday, January 17, 2008

Justice League on hold

Well it's official now, and thank goodness, The Justice League movie has been put on "indefinite hold", until at the very least after the writers strike ends. Hopefully that will give everyone time to think things through and for everyone to realize that their approach was all wrong from the get go.

I do feel bad for George Miller who seemed to genuinely think he was headed in the right direction, but I applaud Warner for not rushing headlong into something like this.

Whats to become of the stand alone Flash and Green Lantern movies? Will the rumored Megan Gale still don the star-spangled swimsuit? And what does this really mean for Superman: The Man of Steel?

Those are questions that we will be left wondering for now...

UPDATE - The Hollywood Reporter and Variety make note specifically of which actors contracts has been allowed to lapse, and hence we have finally an actual semi-official listing of the cast that was to be. And since Warners has said, at least for now, that they want to make this movie with these actors at some point, this list could be something we'll be seeing more of. As the man of steel Superman, we find D.J. Cotrona, as the dark knight Batman, Armie Hammer Jr., as Wonder Woman, Megan Gale, as The Flash, Adam Brody, and as john stewart Green Lantern, Common. their lists also include Anton Yelchin, and Teresa Palmer. I think Anton was going to play The Martin Manhunter, and Teresa was going to play Lois Lane, but I could be off base there as those roles specifically aren't mentioned. Anyhow, it definitely is interesting to see where they were going with this film, and it's still quite clear to me that this delay is a good thing for everyone. Well everyone except the actors.

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