Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Duke casting rumors

A few days ago I saw a great rumor over at /Film that I meant to post; but honestly just never got a chance to. Until now of course.... but even better, having waited I have yet another conflicting rumor to spread. Ah the fun of blogging :)

As we all know casting for the G.I. Joe movie is well underway, but the biggest role of all has yet to be announced, that of Joe team leader Conrad "Duke" Hauser. Well look no further than the rumor mill and you shall find your answers. /Film reports, I believe based off this Latino Review story, that the role of Duke has been narrowed down to 3 likely candidates. And no, one of them is NOT Sam Worthington as rumored before. He is officially locked up filming Avatar for James Cameron. No, Duke is apparently floating around the careers of Chris Evans, Channing Tatum and Matthew Fox. Which one might nab the role is anybody's guess. But IGN Movies has thrown yet another name into the mix, that of Mike Vogel, who if you've seen Cloverfield is Rob's brother Jason who has a very memorable scene on the Brooklyn bridge.

My choice for Duke, if it has to be one of these three is Channing Tatum. I think he has the look, and while I haven't actually seen him in anything, I think he looks great as an army guy in the trailer for the upcoming Stop-Loss. hmmm, maybe I should see Supercross, it looks like Tatum and Vogel are both in it. Anyhow, as long as they don't go with Chris Evans I'll be cool. That guy definitely needs some acting lessons.

Who would you pick, and why?

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Anonymous said...

interactive blog... cool... i'd not pick matthew fox... and if I were matthew fox... i'd not pick G.I. Joe right off of Speed Racer.