Friday, April 04, 2008

Awesome Joe casting news

Latino Review has some awesome casting rumor / news about a few smaller featured roles in the G.I. Joe movie.

The first may just be a cameo, but I love it. Brendan Fraser has been cast as Gung Ho. The, admittedly super gay looking, Joe was actually a tough as nails marine who was really featured a lot in the early episodes of the cartoon, before he was overshadowed by the flashier Joes like Quick Kick. Its good casting though, even though word has it the role is only that of a cameo seen in a training sequence at The Pit. Maybe we'll get more of him in the sequels.

The other casting news is honestly great. Although so far its just an offered role, not yet accepted. Reportedly Dwayne The Rock Johnson has been offered the role of Hector Delgato aka one of the most kickass Joes out there, Shipwreck. Will fans appreciate a classic Joe, fan favorite, and Latino character offered to the Samoan, Rock? I can't speak for everyone, but this fan is just fine with it. I love the Rock, and think he would make a great Shipwreck. Here's hoping he accepts the offer. Cause really, how can you make a G.I. Joe movie without Shipwreck?!

And the hits just keep on rolling. G.I. Joe is set to come to theaters on Aug 7th, 2009.

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