Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Transformers roll out again

There's been a little bit of movement on the Transformers 2 front that I just had to mention.

Firstly, pics of the cars, specifically Optimus and Barricade, have been popping up online showing the vehicles being shipped around Hollywood off to secret locations. Presumably this is to start prep,for the film, which is being pushed steadily along by the ever 'awesome' director Michael Bay.

Shooting is set to begin this June, says Shia LaBeouf in a recent interview with MTV. Of course all Shia would say explicitly regarding the sequel is that "It's got to be more badass. It has to be." Yes, I think we can all agree on that one dude.

The most exciting news though is something of a minor spoiler, but since I'm pretty sure they'll never ever get away, or would want to get away, with marketing the film without showing this off everywhere so I think its safe to say.... IESB is reporting that fan favorite Decepticons, the Constructicons are set to appear in the film. And of course that means... DEVASTATOR... Totally awesome. Also IESB has a list of about 15 other all human characters that are currently being cast for the film. I am looking forward to this film more and more each day :)


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