Friday, April 18, 2008

G.I. Joe pics

Wow. Well there is some very exciting stuff on the G.I. Joe film today. Over at What Would Tyler Durden Do, which is a great site they have a heap of exclusive pictures like the one we saw yesterday of Rachel Nichols all decked out in her Scarlett gear. Please go and visit their site for pictures in costume of Scarlett , Duke, Snake Eyes, Ripcord, Storm Shadow, the Baroness, Cover Girl, and General Hawk. It is awesome stuff.

I am loving the look of this film. I know the outfits are closer to Sigma Six than the classic cartoon look, but come on people. It really had to be done. There is no friggin way anyone could dress like they did in the comics and have it be believable in a military situation. Its just like what they did with the X-Men film.

While you should go check out WWTDD, just in case anything happens to their pics, you can also check out Scarlett, Duke, Ripcord, Snake Eyes 01, Snake Eyes 02, Cover Girl, Storm Shadow & Baroness, Baroness, and General Hawk right here... :) Enjoy.

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