Friday, April 04, 2008

Team Up presents: Stan and Disney

Stan Lee, comic creating god, and once ruler of all geekdom, has teamed up with Disney to bring three projects he has developed from his POW! Entertainment to life in cinematic glory. Although Stan has had mixed reviews on creations in the past few years I think we all know he's still got something in him. And I give all the props in the world to a guy like him who still has the balls to put new ideas out there, and dare to succeed or fail with the rest of em. Regardless of what you may think of Who Wants to be a Superhero, Stan is, and always will be a great man. And smaller projects like The Condor and Mosaic seem to have been received pretty well, even if they don't get as much press.

So what has Stan got up his sleeves for us? More Stripperella you cry?! I know, I know... if only. Actually Stan is bringing us three different types of stories. The first is "Nick Ratchet" a private detective story. the second is an action adventure story called "Blaze", and the third one is "Tigress" which is about what else, but a woman who gets power like that of a tiger... ummm isn't that already a hero? Well, it looks like its actually Tigra. But close enough right?

Unfortunately The Hollywood Reporter article doesn't have any other details on the projects. They actually sound to me like they could be designed for television as well. But hey, who am I to second guess Disney. We'll see what they do with these projects in the months to come. They really could be great, probably not, but who knows...

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