Wednesday, April 30, 2008

See more Babylon A.D. finally

Starting to make an appearance finally, the sci fi military film Babylon A.D. has revealed both a poster and a teaser, which while technically in French has no dialogue so just kinda kick ass for you. Oh you mean you don't remember what Babylon A.D. is? well look no further than here. Basically its the new action film starring Vin Diesel. Check out that sweet sweet euro poster. Definitely euro. But I kinda enjoy it. Vin has such a weird head, he's definitely made something out of a career of it. Ok, ok. there's also a more traditional poster below. Click to enlarge either one. Oh and check out a few other production pics at Allocine.

And as for that trailer. Well care of Allocine, via Comingsoon here is the new trailer with introduction.

Plus d'infos sur ce film

Pretty cool eh? I like all the quick cuts, cause its good action, but I also feel like it gives us a bit more insight that this film will really be balls out danger too, and that is honestly the only way to take Vin Diesel. The film is slated for a August 29th, 2008 release.

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