Monday, April 14, 2008

CBS this summer...

While I definitely touched on the significant highlights last week when I write that big post about the state of television, but today CBS has officially announced their programming slate for this summer. Please go read the full press release if your interested. For me there are only a few notable mentions.

Of course Big Brother is coming back. I really appreciate the fact that CBS is giving us another new season right after the current one ends. Its totally my guilty pleasure and the only show CBS is guaranteed to get me with this summer.

Of course their announced drama series have piqued my interest somewhat as well. Sure they'll both probably fail miserably but I think I'll probably give them both a shot. From the press release:

"Previously announced SWINGTOWN, from the director of "Big Love" and "Rome," premieres Thursday, June 5* (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT). The series peeks into the shag-carpeted suburban homes of the culturally transformative '70s to find couples reveling in the sexual and social revolution that introduced women's liberation and challenged conventional wisdom. During this heady era of provocative change, Susan and Bruce Miller move their family to an affluent Chicago suburb where they're confronted with personal choices, experimentation and shifting attitudes, all against the backdrop of a changing social climate defined by its unforgettable music, fashion and style."

If I can find it sometime in the future, I'll post the trailer for this show on the blog so you can have a look. I saw it last night during Big Brother, but it doesn't seem to have hit the net yet. The show is definitely intriguing. I just have doubts they'll be able to consistently pull off the awkward mix of 'social liberation without the wisdom to understand it' that characterized the 70s and was so aptly portrayed in films like the Ice Storm. Another problem with showcasing the kind of unadulterated Experience people so desperately reached for, on a weekly basis is the very real guilt associated with that time as well. The world was a different place back then, and that kind of irresponsible naivety is gone, but I think there are enough people around who lived it that it will be a tough sell for people to live through again. Unless the audience intends to take it as I do, with a voyeuristic interest. But that said, this show might make us all feel kind of slimy on a weekly basis, and thats not something I see playing too well.

The other new drama, is a Canadian show, so I'll have to check it out if only to represent my homeland... from the press release:

"FLASHPOINT, an emotional journey into the tough, risk-filled lives of a group of cops in the SRU (inspired by Toronto's Emergency Task Force), premieres Friday, July 11 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT). It's a unit that rescues hostages, busts gangs, defuses bombs, climbs the sides of buildings and talks down suicidal teens. As they race against the clock to determine what brought these people to their respective breaking points, members of this highly skilled team use their training in negotiating, profiling and getting inside the suspect's head to diffuse the situation to try to save lives. "

Man oh man, just tell me that doesn't sound like a half-assed Canadian version of 24?! I know! awesome right? exactly.

The only other show to even consider is the updated gameshow Million Dollar Password. and honestly thats only out of my deep respect for Regis Philbin. Oh, and you can apply to play right here...

As for the rest of the planned schedule, it's honestly all crap. And from my perspective that's really all she wrote on the matter. Welcome to summertime kids, try to enjoy it.

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