Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Universal Soldier, again?

According to AICN, ne Cinemablend, there are some rumblings that Van Damme, and possibly Dolph Lundgren are in line to reprise their roles as awesome undead cyborg soldiers in a third Universal Soldier film!

While still in the planning stages its reported that Sony is developing Universal Soldier 3 as a direct to video film, but that especially since Van Damme is in talks to star, and the rumor is out about Lundgren it could very well make it to theaters, depending on what transpires.

Honestly any way it comes I will be glad. I really enjoyed both Universal Soldier films, and think the first is absolutely one of Van Damme's best early films. I mean I hold a special place in my heart for Cyborg, but at least in this film it made sense that he acted kind of robotically ;)

I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled for more info on this as it comes to light. Fingers crossed this film actually happens.

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