Friday, April 18, 2008

Impact, the miniseries

David James Elliot, of JAG fame (?!) has been cast as the lead in the 4 hour miniseries titled Impact. The effects heavy sci fi mini is reportedly budgeted at $13 million and is set to begin shooting this month, presumably for a Fall airing.

Although no network is attached to the project yet, it sounds like a pretty cool show. The plot is said to "chronicles the aftermath of a meteor shower during which a piece of a dwarf star lodges itself in the moon. That triggers a series of anomalies on Earth, including cell phone service interruption, exaggerated tides and the occurrence of sporadic weightlessness.

Astrophysicist Alex Kinter (Elliott), with a help of a female astronomer, discover that the moon has been dislodged from its orbit and is on a collision course with Earth."

Gotta hate it when you lose cell phone service. That totally blows. I mean the other stuff is cool but I'd die without cell phone coverage... Hpoefully this'll turn out cool. Sounds like it should.

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