Monday, April 28, 2008

Der Golem with Frank Black

This weekend I went and saw Der Golem. An amazing 1920 German expressionist film, about what else, but a golem on a bit of a rampage in a Jewish ghetto in 1775 Germany. It's a really interesting silent horror film, and reminded me a lot of Nosferatu. I really enjoyed it immensely on its own. But perhaps even cooler than seeing this unknown (to me) old horror movie was that it was accompanied by a live band performing an all new score to the film! And even cooler was that this band was actually Black Francis, and my favorite frontman for The Pixies, Frank Black was there himself to play live for the first time his new score to the film!!! It was quite an experience. If you're interested, you can watch the movie right here. Hooray for public domain! Frank Black has not officially announced how or when he will release his score, but personally I'm hoping for a reissue of the dvd. I know I'd buy it, both for the music and the movie. isn't the fastest so you might have to wait for it to load before playing, but eventually you'll get there. Enjoy.


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