Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Zero-G in development

FOX has picked up the rights to what they claim will be a new tentpole film for them called Zero-G.

Can I just stop for a sec, and say that while it has nothing to do specifically with this Zero-G film, but how many friggin' tentpole franchises can these studios really have, and when will they stop trying to convince us that everything they do is the next one. It's irritating.

So sorry, back to the story, The Hollywood Reporter says that Zero-G is based on a still in development video game by some guy named Daniel Jevons and centers on "a major U.S. city being attacked by a devastating, never-before-seen weapon."

The game company has been responsible for the very well reviewed game, The Darkness, and are working on an adaptation of Sin City for consoles. Other than that though it looks like most of the players in this deal are middle of the road kinda guys, and that's probably a good thing. Who knows, maybe its about a zero gravity weapon that makes everyone fly off the face of the earth. Wouldn't that suck...

As usual more on this once we know something.

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