Monday, April 07, 2008

Hyperion to the big screen

One of my favorite sc fi books Hyperion is coming to the big screen! Actually Hyperion, and the sequel novel, The Fall of Hyperion are both coming to the screen, adapted as one movie. It's one of those bittersweet moments where as a fan, I've realized that this great book that I really enjoyed is going to probably be utterly destroyed for the sake of time; but on the other hand, at least I'll finally get to see it all on the big screen.... yay/ boo! As you can see I'm very conflicted.

Written by Dan Simmons, Hyperion is a Hugo award winning novel, and soon to be movie, deals with a group of unlikely pilgrims on the planet Hyperion, which finds itself for a number of reasons at the crux of an encroaching galactic war. These pilgrims are travelling across the planet to reach the mysterious Time Tombs, which are guarded by the deadly monster known as the Shrike which is known to kill people and impale their bodies on the thorny metal tree of eternal pain. Yeah, very pleasant.

The plot is complex and rich, the characters all have layered, intricate backstories and while character and theme driven, the plot itself has some real meat to it too. This book, if I'm remembering correctly, is something around 600 pages long. And its sequel The Fall of Hyperion, while less character driven and more plot / theme centered is also a big book. How the heck these two great stories are going to fit into one movie I do not know. Is everything going to be sacrificed for the sake of the film?

According to The Hollywood Reporter story, Trevor Sands the writer who is adapting the piece won the shot by "taking a selective approach to the two novels' multiple points of view in a way that managed to coherently and unconfusingly tell the story." Is that good? or does that really mean 'ripping the heart out of the story? Sands is involved in a number of sci fi projects currently from Sony's Resurrection, to Dimension's Six Billion Dollar Man and an adaptation the sci-fi novel Startide Rising for Paramount. Of course I know basically nothing about any of those projects, and Sands' IMDB page is disturbingly empty...

We'll have to see what becomes of this as we move forward. I'm hoping for the best for now.

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