Monday, April 07, 2008

The Surrogates movie

So, I'm not sure why I haven't really mentioned this one before. But there is a film being made of The Surrogates. It's based on a sci fi comic book miniseries of the same name that was published by Top Shelf a few years ago and has a story that sounds like it could be kind of interesting...

The story is set in the year 2054. And in this future world people have stopped physically interacting with each other. Instead they use Surrogates (remote-controlled artificial bodies) to execute the day to day functions of life. These Surrogates are idealized versions of their user and have become the mainstay for social interaction. The protagonist of the story is a police office who, after having his surrogate destroyed, ventures out of his house and into the real world for the first time in years. Once there he begins an investigation that leads him to some very duplicitous surrogates, and the realization that someone out there is trying to destroy mankind new was of life.

hmmm. I'm sure by the end he'll probably realize how screwed up that way of life was in the first place. Sounds like it could be a good story, I guess I just don't know if I buy that people would ever decide to stop interacting with each other. I feel like technology has been around long enough that while sure it happens to an extent, the paranoid suspicion that technology has to drive us apart is simply unfounded. People are what they are, and technology only really seems to scare people who don't get involved with it.

The film has a pretty decent line up. It's being directed by Jonathan Mostow, of Terminator 3 fame ;) And stars none other than Bruce Willis, who is absolutely excellent in sci fi (see 12 monkeys) and as a cop (see everything else). The cast also includes fan favorite Ving Rhames, and has recently been rounded out by Radha Mitchell and Rosamund Pike, whose roles have not been announced, but will probably play his wife, and partner respectively.

I'll keep my eye on this one, but I'm not committing to it one way another until I start seeing more... Surrogates is set to start filming this month in Boston, for a 2009 release.

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