Friday, April 04, 2008

McConaughy as Magnum

As has been reported all over the place now, Matthew McConaughey has reportedly been offered the role of Thomas Magnum, in the upcoming Magnum P.I. film.

I for one, am still on the fence on this. I mean McConaughey is obviously a great looking guy, and I kind of think he has the same kind of charisma that Tom Selleck had, but Magnum?! I mean can he rock the 'stache like Selleck? And then the further question... could anyone really? here's a pic I found of McConaughey with some growth, not exactly the same as a true 'stache though. Magnum exists in one of those perfect right place right time moments, for me and I think a lot of other people. The show really wasn't that great, but damn it was cool at the time. And unlike something like MacGyver it holds up alright to the test of time. Definitely dated now, but Magnum is still and always will be The Man.

The film is being directed by Dodgeball helmer Rawson Thurber, and is reportedly finished the script stage now, and Universal is hot to have the film in theaters by summer 2009. McConaughey is reportedly looking over the script trying to decide, makes me wonder how much of a scoop news on this offered role really was, and how much was just the studio trying to get fan pressure on him to take the part. Either way, I think he might really be the only man who could do Selleck and the role justice.

Taken with a grain of salt, it's also been reported that secondary roles are going out for with Steve Zahn as Rick, Tyrese Gibson as T.C., and William H. Macy as Higgins, I'm sure we'll all know, as soon as the lead role is finally decided. My final thought on the matter: yeah, McConaughey should probably do it. If he plays it right, it can only be a win for him. And he could potentially do a great job with it. We'll have to wait and see what happens next.

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