Monday, April 07, 2008

Brave and the Bold

Well its official, this week at the Cartoon Network's upfronts, they announced that Batman: The Brave and the Bold will in fact be coming to air this fall. The show which will partner Batman with a new hero each week will have no direct connection to the recently canceled series The Batman. Actually I'm getting the impression that they're going to try to skew to a bit younger audience than even that show, which was a bit young by most Batman standards.

Somewhat overshadowed at the upfronts by the personal appearance of George Lucas to promote the new Clone Wars cartoon, I think people are still very interested by what DC is doing with their characters. Is this constant reinvention, and reinterpretation a good thing? Batman more than maybe anyone else, is a character that seems to have been jerked around a lot. My thought is that I have no doubt I'll enjoy this new show, I just don't understand why the new one has to mean the death of the old one?!

Check out this art for the show featuring a classic looking Bats alongside revamped versions of Green Arrow and Blue Beetle.


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