Thursday, April 03, 2008

Larklight to screens

So the man who wrote and directed the film Elizabeth the Golden Age, Shekhar Kapur, is looking to bring his next film, Larklight, a period sci fi film to life. The movie according to The Hollywood Reporter will be set in a Victorian era alternate reality, kind of League of Extraordinary Gentelmen-ey, but Larklight will follow much more traditional pulp space opera lines. This world sees mankind beginning to explore space at the time of Isaac Newton, and specifically "revolves around a brother and sister who team with a band of renegade space pirates to save the world from destruction at the hands of a madman."

Well, I'd say that's very interesting. I do like a good space pirate story. For a minute there I had my hopes up for something along the lines of the excellent Wings of Honneamise, but this still sounds cool. And I like the director. I think he took some crap for Elizabeth: TGA, but if you ask me, that film could never have been as good as the first Elizabeth, which he also made, but it was still pretty solid. The costumes, score, and actors, especially Blanchett and Clive Owen as Walter Raleigh, were all top notch; just as my wife put it 'it's just not as interesting a time in her life'. Exactly, plotting is everything.

Larklight could be really neat, and period sci fi is something you definitely don't see everyday. Anything new is always interesting to me. Besides, with a reported budget of $200 million, at the very least you know we're going to get some great CG, and a big star.

Steven Knight who wrote Eastern Promises is adapting the story from a book by Philip Reeve. Have to keep an eye out for more on this as it comes to light.

Oh and as a sidenote, the article also mentions that Kapur is working on a script called Paani, which means 'water' in Hindi, and it's "a futuristic film set in Mumbai centering on the scarcity of water." hmmmm. okay. Solarbabies goes Bollywood maybe?

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