Thursday, May 01, 2008

Iron Man review

Woot! for advance screenings!

Yeah that's right sucka, I said advance screening. Cause I just got back from seeing Iron Man on the big screen! And let me tell you, the reviews are right, it is excellent.

I'm tired so I don't want to go on too much, but I really enjoyed the film. It spent a lot of time developing the technology. There was a lot of time with Tony just working basically on his own trying to perfect the suit. This really added to the believability of the entire film.

But that didn't take away from the action at all. I was thoroughly satisfied with each and every action scene; especially the last one. The suits feel real, look heavy, and are great in the heat of pitched battle.

Robert Downey
and Jeff Bridges put in a great performance. And the only small gripe I have really would be with Gweneth Paltrow, as Pepper Potts, the faithful girl Friday assistant who can't bring herself to say that she's in love with her boss. That was a bit... I don't know... cliched maybe. Anyhow, it was predictable enough that it didn't really strike any kind of chord with me. Although that said, give her a bit better writing and she'd be totally fine. Besides that is really a minor gripe.

Everything that I wanted to see I did.. Oh wait NO that's a lie. I am actually an idiot and am really kicking myself over this one. I missed Sam Jackson's cameo god dammit! Why the hell didn't I stay until the end of the credits?! I was looking for him the entire friggin film, and I didn't see him. I even had a feeling as I was leaving that he might be in a sequence after the credits, but I just HAD to pee so badly. Curse my infernal bladder!!! Sigh... ok, I think I just need to let that go for now. I will eventually get to see that part. But just a word of advice to everyone; stay until the very end.

The film itself was great, I think this will be a huge summer hit. Other than Indiana Jones 4 it might even be the biggest film of the summer. I would love to see it again. And considering my Sam Jackson blunder I might just do that. I would definitely recommend everyone see it though. Well worth the time and money it was great to see Marvel hit yet another home run.

UPDATE - ok, I know it won't stay online for long, so I'm just going to post this once, and if you catch it you do, if you don't you don't. BUT here is a link to a youtube video of Sam Jackson as Nick Fury meeting up with Stark after the end credits.

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