Sunday, May 04, 2008

New face on Heroes

Some good news on the Heroes front. Not that all news on the Heroes front isn't good, but this is a neat little bit of casting. Care of TV Guide's reporting, Brea Grant, formerly of Friday Night Lights, has been cast in the new season of Heroes as a super-speedster named Joy who has a knack for getting in and out of trouble.

Guess that's good news for everyone who like alt, hot girls. I'm just happy to see news on the show finally starting to surface again.

Season three will kick off on September 15th, with a 3 hour premiere! of course the first hour is just a clip show to get everyone up to speed, but it will be followed by the first two installments in the next Volume of Heroes lore, entitled "Villains". Creator Tim Kring has said that this season will feature the introduction of a slew of new villains, hence the name. Although something about Brea above makes me think that she might be saddled with the good guys. Just a guess...

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Anonymous said...

Man you're a sucker for coquettish smiles. Just because she's smiling at you in that demure manner you think she'll be a good guy! Well, I tell you that that is exactly what would make her a devastatingly effective villain.

But that's just my opinion.