Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tyrese in A-Team and more

Back in December we learned that John Singleton is set to direct the A-Team movie. And while we've had rumors for a while that Ice Cube was up for the infamous role of BA Baracus, it looks like we can add a new more confirmed name to the list. Transformers fourth banana, and model turned actor, Tyresse Gibson has said that he in fact is the man set to sport the mohawk and pity the fools.

While not set totally in stone yet, Tyrese seems pretty secure on landing the role, and since he was previously in 2 Fast 2 Furious which Singleton directed a few years ago, he probably has a right to be. That said, Tyrese is a busy man. He says hes back in line for the Transformers sequel, as well as something called Desert Eagle. And besides that he is also rumored to be up for Luke Cage.

In a recent interview with Superherohype, Tyrese talked about all of these films and unfortunately revealed that Singleton has plans to re-vamp the A-Team with the new film. Saying of the character popularized by Mr T that "He's going to be a little different. We might keep the Mohawk, but we're not going into no forty thousand chains. We're going to 2009 Mr. BA. "

Well, I guess we couldn't have expected much less. I still definitely think it could be a cool film. More on all of these projects though as they develop.


Anonymous said...

"....has a right to be."????? Really... that's crazy.


Chappy said...

Maybe I was unclear. He has a right to be secure in thinking that he has landed the role, because of his previous relationship with the director. Not that he necessarily deserves it. In fact Ice Cube probably deserves it more but Tyrese is younger and tweenage girls love him.

Anonymous said...

tweenage...there's another word that bothers me... though your usage is correct....i think tweens should refer to 20 - 29 year olds. They're the ones that are still teenage in mentality and it just makes more sense...pre-teens are well just that ... pre-teens... so ... if we need a word for them call them peens.

I resent between having turned 19 and last year I was somehow incorrect in calling myself a tween... I mean it even has a history in tolkien. Jeepers.