Monday, May 05, 2008

Marvel on the move

After a HUGE weekend for Marvel, at their earnings call this morning they dropped some great news for comic fans everywhere. Care of Superhero Hype Marvel has announced release plans for a slew of their next films. All of which have been rumors, but none of which had schedules on them.

The release slate now looks as follows...

The Incredible Hulk - June 13th, 2008
Punisher: War Zone - December 5th, 2008
X-Men Origins: Wolverine - May 1st, 2009
Iron Man 2 - April 30th, 2010 (newly announced)
Thor - June 4th, 2010 (newly announced, Matthew Vaughn directing)
The First Avenger: Captain America - May 1st, 2011 (newly announced)
The Avengers - July 2011 (newly announced)

Besides the 4 new films announced, Marvel Studios president David Maisel also mentioned that Ant Man is still in development, for what I think we can assume will be a release near the Avengers film timeframe. And that Spider-Man 4 is also in early development. As an awesome little side note he also mentioned that the character Thor will be introduced in Iron Man 2. :) Doesn't that just make you happy? For a more complete list, check out the Marvel development wiki.

This is going to be awesome, seeing everything come together over the next few years leading up to the Avengers film. I love the fact that Mervel is putting so much effort and care into this stuff. Good work guys. Now we've got even more films to stalk :)


Anonymous said...

Do you mention anywhere the cross-promotion of the movies? Apparantly Stark makes an appearance in The Hulk and the Hulk will definitely appear in IM2 etc.


Chappy said...

You're right I probably wasn't clear enough about that. I definitely did mention that Stark and Fury are confirmed for the Hulk film, but I hadn't heard anything about Hulk being in Iron Man 2, only Thor so far.

Maybe I'll write single a post about it all.