Friday, May 16, 2008

Vaughn NOT on Thor?!

One of the funny things that slipped by after last weeks earnings call from Marvel was a side note on the upcoming Thor movie. We all know that Matthew Vaughn has been attached to direct the film for some time now... Well apparently that time is through.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Vaughn's holding deal on the project expired this past December, and he is now off the film. As we know, Mark Protosevich of I Am Legend fame is working on a new draft of the film. And Thor is expected to turn up in Iron Man 2. But with all this fast and furious development underway prepping for a speedy-ish production (considering the probably effects) and July 4th, 2010 release, can it be that Marvel really doesn't have a director in place?!

Ok, undoubtedly Marvel has some plans in the works for this, and most likely already have a new director in hand for the project, but I have to say its a real shame Vaughn has moved on. He would have been a good choice stylistically. And while I had serious problems with his Stardust film, I wonder how much that had to do with the script (obviously no offense meant to Mr Gaiman).

We'll have to wait and see what becomes of this. Thor has all the potential to be a massively popular character if they can just get an A-list star, like Brad Pitt, to step into the role, and have a kick-ass script. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and just waiting for some news now.


Anonymous said...

The Stardust film script was by matthew Vaughn and jane Goldman, not by Mr Gaiman

Chappy said...

That is true... sorry for my error