Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another Spider-Man rumor

Well, after last weeks rumor that Sony is eying up 2010 - 2011 for Spider-Man 4 and possibly 5, it seemed like things would probably lay low for a while, but that is just not the case. Latino Review has another juicy Spider-Man rumor today, and its on casting. Although no word has been made on whether Maguire and the others will return to their roles, Sony is apparently eying up some new talent to step into the role of Peter Parker.

And those people are Patrick Fugit, who you probably remember as the main guy from Almost Famous, and Michael Angarano who you may know from the trailer to Forbidden Kingdom. I hope no one actually paid to see that movie. Anyhow, that's the word on the net. And the article stressed that no offer has been made yet, these are just names being tossed around. Pretty understandable I suppose that Sony would want a back up plan. And I'm definitely interested to see where this goes.

My vote at least for now is solidly with Fugit. What do you think? More to come on this, of course, as it comes out.

UPDATE - SONY has retorted emphatically stating that they are not in the market for a new Spider-Man. Of course that's not entirely surprising; and not entirely believable. But hey, they've got to spin it as best they can. For my money I'd be fine to see Fugit step into the blue and red spandex.

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