Sunday, May 04, 2008

More on Iron Man

Nice job team! Iron Man, has raked in a cool $104 million domestically since it opened on Thursday night, and an additional$96.7 million internationally in the 57 countries it opened in. bringing it basically right up to the $201 MILLION mark total! Now that is pretty damn impressive. And rightly so if you ask me. The film was great, and deserves some serious kudos. I'm just really stoked that everyone embraced it as they seem to. This pretty much ensures that we'll be seeing more of ol' shellhead in the near future.

Robert Downey Jr, has talked about the sequel a bit, and his choice of the "demon in a bottle" storyline, where Tony Stark becomes an alcoholic. Obviously any sequel will have to be amped up a bit, but I think everyone is happy with letting it happen as organically as possible. For example, Terrance Howard has said that while he definitely wants to become War Machine, he would be happy to see it not happen until the 3rd film. Speaking of which all of the main stars have signed onto a 3 picture deal, so they will undoubtedly be reprising their roles soon. What we'll finally see though, and exactly when, has yet to be determined. Although it has been suggested that a summer 2010 time frame is a distinct possibility.

Rumors aboud that we'll get more Marvel mania this coming week, so stay tuned.

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