Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Knights vs Vamps

The Knights Templar is a new spec script being developed by Universal. However unlike a regular story of knights on a crusade, or even the intricate and fascinating history of the actual order of the Templar, this version of the story is taking a few horrific liberties.

As reported in Variety, the Knights Templar, while still charged with their most infamous mission of protecting and hiding the Grail, sees a group of knights returning to the homelands fresh from the crusades, forced to unexpectantly "fend off an invading vampire army set on destroying the Holy Grail."

Wow! Can you say Awesome? Cause this sounds great ;) hahahaa. No no, just kidding. It honestly might not be that bad, I can also just see it being super cheesy. Who knows, I'll definitely try to keep an open mind.

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