Friday, May 23, 2008

Enter MNP

According to the Hollywood Reporter, French director Mathieu Kassovitz, of Gothika, and Babylon A.D. fame, will be making a cool sounding sci fi film called MNP. Incidentally also the name of Kassovitz's production company, MNP also stands for the space station where the sci fi action will take place.

According to Kassovitz and the article "The technologically heavy "end of the world" project will utilize special planes that are able to simulate a zero gravity environment for 25 seconds. MNP will work closely with space stations and aeronautical organizations to prepare for the complex project that is set to start shooting in 2011." The film, which has yet to be cast will aim to be a big budget film with A list stars, including 2 Americans and 8 other actors from around the world to create an ensemble cast.

Sounds like it could be cool. End of the world as seen from a space station. I like the idea.

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