Thursday, May 15, 2008

Enter the Sleep Dealer

This one sounds like a cool new film to keep an eye out for. Sleep Dealer is a part Spanish language part English film that deals with themes of "immigration and digital culture. using sci-fi conventions to tell a political tale"; and according to The Hollywood Reporter it's going to be getting a US release sometime soon.

Hailed by Latino Review as a "Mexican Matrix", this dystopian film is said to evoke shades of Primer and Pi. They specifically speak to the plot saying: "The futuristic film creates an environment where Mexican immigrant labor is outsourced from Tijuana via cyber network, with remote-controlled robots working in the United States." Maybe you should just think about that sentence a bit... it sounds a bit confusing. But add the IMDB description of:"The near future. Like tomorrow. In a world marked by closed borders, corporate warriors, and a global computer network, three strangers risk their lives to connect, break through the barriers of technology, and unseal their fates." And now I think you can get a clearer picture, sort of.

Ok it's still confusing, but I know there are some cool sounding elements in there. And despite this mini trailer, I like that it won some of the more obscure awards at Sundance this year. Hopefully we'll get to understand a bit more about this film as a release date gets locked down.

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