Sunday, May 04, 2008

Dangerous Daniel X the movie

If someone came to you and asked who you think the best young adult writer out there is, would you say James Patterson? of course you would ;) and Regency definitely thinks hes a winner having picked up the rights to his new, as yet unpublished young adult novel, The Dangerous Days of Daniel X.

According to Variety, the book is an action adventure that "chronicles the adventures of a conflicted yet extraordinary teen who yearns to discover secrets about himself and his family as he battles alien outlaws who threaten life on Earth."

Apparently Patterson really is a hit young adult author, having penned a popular series called Maximum Ride, but I just know him so much more from his detective Alex Cross books, like Kiss the Girls, and Along Came a Spider. Also he's pretty well known for the many Women's Murder Club books.

Oh well, Dangerous Days sounds like it could be fun, and I do love alien outlaws... We'll see what becomes of this as we move forward.

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