Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bay casts another hottie... in 3-D?

Well here's some more good news from the 'awesome' director that brought us Transformers. As the sequel gears into production, we've been getting the slow trickle of news and non-news. Oh sure there was that news that Superbad's Jonah Hill was in talks to play Shia's new buddy in the flick, but apparently the deal fell through. And there's also the semi-official word that Transformers 2 might be coming to us next year in Imax 3-D. But any final decision on that will reportedly be based on market availability of 3-D projectors and technology. Since Ice Age 3 is set to come out the next weekend and take charge of many 3-D screens across the country, things are still a bit iffy for our robot buddies.

The important stuff, the REALLY important news is that Michael Bay has once again decided to cast a super hottie in the leading lady role. Good job Bay. I mean I know Megan Fox had a "career" before, but Transformers has firmly solidified her in the fantasies of teenage boys everywhere. And fingers crossed, the same will be said about Australian actress Isabel Lucas.

Whether you like him or not, Michael Bay shoots the hell out of his films. The cinematography and lighting are absolutely amazing everytime. I suspect Isabel will be very thankful for this shot, I know I'm sure as heck looking forward to seeing more of her.

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