Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Return to Beverly HIlls

Variety is reporting that your favorite fish out of water police comedy of the 80s Beverly Hills Cop is preparing to make a comeback. And guess whose attached to star? Of course its good old Eddie Murphy :) Reportedly he approached Paramount about a long awaited sequel. And maybe thats a good move considering the mix bag his career has become in recent years.

Even more though, it seems that Paramount is courting X-Men and Rush Hour helmer, Brett Ratner to direct the film. Although Ratneris scheduled to begin work on Playboy, the Hugh Hefner biopic, if he takes on Axel Foley he might just have to put that on hold.

The studio is reportedly aiming for a 2009 production and a 2010 release. But the real question remains, will this be any good? Is it even a good idea? I don't hold the original films as works of art or anything, but they are classic comedies. For Eddie's sake, I sure hope they do this one right.


Anonymous said...

The thing about films like this, and I am excited, is that they so non-interconnected that as long as you get a decent script writer, and leave out the alien scumbags you can always end up with a good movie, throw in a few inside jokes to the diehard fans and everyone's happy.

Yup. I'm looking forward to renting it.


Anonymous said...

Considering that BHC 3 was a complete abortion I'm not really keeping my hopes up. Of course if Judge Reinhold makes a comeback in it then I'm completely on the bandwagon.

Mike Tamashiro